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Internet has brought about a revolution in the way business is run within the travel industry. Travelers can now from the convenience of their homes make all their travel arrangements, ranging from booking of tickets, to hotel reservations, to booking of holiday packages, car rentals and travel insurance online. The number of travelers who have switched over to the Internet to make all their travel arrangements is phenomenal. This makes it imperative for travel companies to offer their services online in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Our knowledge of the travel domain is extensive and this helps us in designing solutions that help clients in selling their services in a proactive and innovative manner. From developing online booking engines through a local distribution system to customizing and integrating various global distribution systems such as Galileo, Amadeus etc we do it all.

Whether you are a travel agent, arranger or simply an individual or company who wants to offer services within the travel domain, we offer to develop bespoke solutions for all.

Travel Industry Solutions Developed

Travel Portal: We have developed an end-to-end travel portal that provides travel service providers such as hotels, car rental companies, travel agents, airlines etc to register and offer their services.

They are provided with access to web based interfaces that can be used to manage services such as upload details of the service, define tariff, inventory, track booking place etc. The service providers pay a commission to our client for each booking placed.

Travelers, in turn, can browse through the available services and place booking online. Booking vouchers that can be used to avail bookings are generated and provided to the travelers. Travelers can track their bookings online.

An administration panel has been provided to the client allowing them to manage and monitor the website.


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Hamid Ismail
DirectorBRADFORD MARINE SERVICES Pte Ltd , Singapore