Open Source

CRM (Sugar CRM, vTiger)

Open Source Development has conducted SugarCRM customizations for a range of companies; developing an industry specific one-stop solution for most of the businesses’ processes, enabling the users to literally ‘live in the system’, as was intended by the creators of SugarCRM!
Our sugar experience spans across several verticals that include but are not limited to real estate, retail, healthcare, travel & transport, internet, call centers etc.
If you are thinking of switching to SugarCRM or are a current user; we have helped our clients with;

  • Migrations to SugarCRM (from proprietary CRM systems ).
  • Customizations of and development of brand new modules / plug ins.
  • Development without touching the core architecture of SugarCRM, so as to keep upgrades effortless.
  • Development of a hosted SAAS based CRM platform on SugarCRM leveraging our client’s domain expertise and our development expertise.
  • Building an advanced user hierarchy with defined parameters and permissions; including collaboration tools for different users within groups in the same organization (locations/franchises) and accounting for partner / affiliate organizations and respective users.
  • Automating information exchange with public websites; a) Publishing leads to public websites (e.g. a real estate agent’s properties getting published on Craig’s List) b) Integrating data collection from the company website (Contact us page pulls in contact information into SugarCRM) c) Other Web 2.0 integrations d) Communication with e-commerce websites
  • Capturing and sharing data as and when required (e.g. Call center employees being shown a pop up with all history of the caller before they pick up the phone to enhance customer service).
  • Sophisticated and customizable reporting that is not available by default.
  • Enhancing work flows (for e.g. adding Project Management and HR functionalities)
  • Complex scheduling and logs (e.g. staffing, rostering, fleet management and maintenance, etc.
  • Integrating with numerous forms of communication (including phone calls, VOIP, Fax, SMS and Email)
  • Automating sales inputs with an Outlook Plug in that pulls in emails exchanged with leads / opportunities for better tracking / reporting thereby allowing sales managers to maximize effectiveness and to allow better sales forecasting.
  • Mobile based interface for users; who are more comfortable using mobile to update their data remotely.

Few Solutions Delivered using SugarCRM:

Management of multiple global offices for a Business Property Brokerage Firm

With no integrated environment of storing data and offices spread across the globe, this business property brokerage firm faced problems in collating information to get a holistic view of their business. We customized the SugarCRM Community Edition to enable it to manage the daily activities of ALL their offices, globally. Some of the major enhancements include:

  • Customization of the application to enable multiple user roles and hierarchy levels.
  • Created separate modules for Sunbelt’s offices, their brokers and franchisees.
  • Several existing modules were customized to incorporate new modules within them, including contacts, currency, e-mail, documents etc.

This industry specific solution became so instrumental for the organization, that they started selling the usage of the product to other property brokerage firms.

Enhancing PM and Customer Service for a Medical Transcription Company

Disparate means of managing business activities and data meant, this company was on the lookout for a solution that would allow them to integrate all these activities into a single system.

The major enhancements we made to the SugarCRM Community Edition for this company include;

  • Building and integrating a project management module (available in the Professional Edition). All features and functionalities were coded from scratch which enabled massive customizations.
  • Using the HylaFAX server to provide fax functionality and also integrated with VOIP.
  • Developing a team module; handling team relationships with various entities of the application such as projects module, documents etc

Managing Affiliates for an Online Software Reseller

This company runs a partner program wherein companies sign-up to get access to all their accounting tools and products which in turn they can offer to their customers. They wanted a solution that would enable them to monitor and track their customers and performances of their partner companies.

In this instance, we leveraged SugarCRM to;

  • Enable the company to offer the solution on a SaaS model to their partners
  • Monitor and track the performance of individual partner companies.
  • Use a hierarchical role based system with respective modules (such as Leads, opportunities, accounts etc) to accommodate the user hierarchies.

E-Commerce Integration for a Music Composer

A music composer, who was selling his music online; used Excel documents to store information about his leads and customers, and to carry out marketing campaigns to promote his music compositions. This was proving difficult to update and maintain.

We customized the SugarCRM Community Edition to enable the music composer to manage his customers (both current and prospective) in a more organized manner; which included;

  • Developing an extensive marketing capability that allows the composer to define Targets, as well as Leads, define and implement marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Integrating with the existing e-commerce website. The details of all users who register are directly stored as leads within SugarCRM and are automatically converted to accounts (i.e. customers) when they purchase items from the website.
  • Building an Orders module and integrating into the base SugarCRM to store details of all orders placed on the website.

Enhanced Workflow for a Private Charter Flight Services Provider

This Private Charter Flight Services Provider was manually managing their business activities, which was cumbersome and they were also facing monitoring and tracking issues that arose from the manual process of maintaining records.

We have built on top of the SugarCRM Community Edition to;

  • Automate their manual system of managing aircraft fleet and pilot schedules.
  • Develope customized modules to reflect the client’s workflow; enabling maintenance details for their aircrafts (including details, schedule, maintenance history, alerts etc), pilots (including profiles, certifications and flight schedules), ground staff rostering, etc.
  • Build a ticketing module allowing aircraft related issues to be logged and tracked.



I have been working with Icreon for two years.

They are a strong team with a wide range of skills. They have interpreted and manifested a very difficult project for me and I am very pleased with their work.

I continue to use Icreon, and will do so in the future.

Brooke Watson
DirectorKajeng Pty Ltd