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Static to Dynamic Site

At Open Source Development, we offer to update our clients’ static websites to dynamic database driven websites. Our migration services enable clients to take advantage of the features and functionalities that the latest technologies have to offer. The migration is done  with the spectrum of PHP based applications.

Based on the requirements of the clients and the complexity of the solution we offer to migrate static websites to:

  • Open source CMS applications
  • Develop dynamic websites from the grounds up using PHP

Dynamic websites are database based wherein the content is stored separate from the layout. When a web page is requested by the user, the content and layout are merged together and displayed. We make use of the PHP scripting language and associated open source products to develop dynamic websites. PHP is an open source server side scripting language that can be can be embedded within HTML code to dynamically generate content.

Open Source Development’s team of professionals conduct a detailed study and analysis of the clients’ existing website. Based on the analysis we suggest improvements and additional features that can be incorporated into the solution thereby adding value to the client’s website.

Benefits Dynamic website offer several advantages over the static websites. These include:

  • Clients can update the website with ease. Content Management Systems integrated with the solution enable users to easily upload, format and organize content appearing on the website.
  • Database enabled websites make it easier to store and manage large amounts of data that is to be displayed on the website. The data stored in the database can be reused.
  • Interactive elements and functionalities can be easily incorporated and managed.
  • The full advantage of the Internet and its power can be obtained through dynamic websites.

Features Some of the features that can be included in dynamic websites include the following:

  • Interactive Components such as discussion forums, user registration processes, newsletter subscription etc.
  • Personalized Services to users. User activity in the website can be tracked both implicitly and explicitly (through registration) to generate their preference and offer personalized services the next time they login to the website.
  • Complex e-commerce based solutions such as online storefronts, ticket and accommodation booking systems etc can be built into dynamic websites.
  • Image and Banner management functionalities can be built into dynamic websites enabling clients to upload images and banners to the website.
  • Querying functionalities can be built into the solutions that enables users to search for information available on the website.
  • Restrictive role based access can be provided in dynamic websites thereby ensuring security of data.


Outsourcing web development efforts can yield drastically different results depending on who you partner with. In the end, success depends on so many factors far beyond code development itself - strong project management skills, the ability to balance a strategic vision and end user needs with technical realities, discipline in execution, steady productivity, honesty, and a positive attitude in dealing with unexpected challenges and changes to name a few. I've found that those who can consistently deliver on these key attributes are rare.
Ted Bream
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