Open Source

Social Community

An online social community provides a platform for people across the world to connect and interact with each other. Social communities can range from niche communities pertaining to specific areas of interest such as pet or music lovers or can be general communities such as Facebook.

Typically, social networking sites allow members to create profiles and search for other like-minded people. Discussion forums, blogs, chat, internal messaging system etc are some of the means by which people can communicate in a social networking website.

Online social networks also provide businesses with a new and innovative means to build customer relationships and advertise their services. Businesses can setup profiles on social networking sites to communicate with existing and potential customers.

Solutions Developed

Icreon has experience in developing numerous social networking sites on the open source platform. A look at some of the social networking websites that we have developed:


Outsourcing web development efforts can yield drastically different results depending on who you partner with. In the end, success depends on so many factors far beyond code development itself - strong project management skills, the ability to balance a strategic vision and end user needs with technical realities, discipline in execution, steady productivity, honesty, and a positive attitude in dealing with unexpected challenges and changes to name a few. I've found that those who can consistently deliver on these key attributes are rare.
Ted Bream
CEOCore Agenda Inc.