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Rich Internet Application Development

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) combines the strengths of both desktop and web based applications. The interactive user experience available in desktop applications is combined with the low cost of development and wide spread reach of web applications to create rich internet applications. When a user requests for a rich internet application, the requested page is loaded in the browser, any further requests by the user (within the page) does not cause the page to reload. Only the portions affected by the request are reloaded.
RIA can be built using the following technologies:

  • AJAX: AJAX is short for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In AJAX the client and server interaction is asynchronous i.e. the client server interaction is not based on requests. The server can upload data to the browser without waiting for a request. The main advantages of AJAX based rich internet applications is the fast download speed of AJAX based applications.
  • Flash: In using Flash to develop rich internet applications, a flash player is used to render flash content to users. Flash can be used in RIA to integrate audio and video content. Flash is ideally suited for rich internet applications wherein the emphasis on animations and graphics is high.

At Open Source Development, based on the requirements of the clients, we combine AJAX and Flash with PHP to develop a variety of Rich Internet Applications.
Rich Internet applications offer the following advantages:

  • RIA provides an enhanced and interactive browsing experience to the users.
  • In rich internet applications most of the processing takes place at the client’s end thereby reducing the server load and bandwidth consumption.
  • Once a web page is loaded, only data is transmitted between the client and the server. The entire page is not reloaded.
  • RIA applications have a modular architecture. Components can be easily reused and integrated with a variety of solutions.
  • Graphics, charts and other multimedia elements can be easily integrated with rich internet applications.
  • RIA help in developing responsive applications that can be used to simplify complex processes within applications. Processes involving multiple steps can be combined into a single screen with different tabs for each process. The user can collectively save all details of all the steps.

Some of the rich internet applications developed by us include the following:
Online Bingo Club
Our client, a UK based Bingo club operator, wanted to reach out to the ever increasing online gaming community thereby providing them with an opportunity to expand their member base. Our client wanted an online solution wherein users could play bingo and win prizes online from the convenience of their homes. As per their requirements, Open Source Development developed a solution that enabled administrators to create and manage online bingo gaming rooms. The administrators were provided with the option to schedule games and players had the option to register with the club, make deposits and play the different versions of Bingo in a gaming room of their choice.
Music Cards Subscription
Our client wanted a solution that would enable them to create and foster an online community of music lovers. In it, bands/ Artists were required to be provided with the option to create their own webpage that would enable them to share information and interact with their fans. They were also to be provided with the option to offer their music and other memorabilia on sale. After a detailed study of their requirements Open Source Development came up with an online music service solution wherein bands/artists could register with the website, create their individual web pages and upload information on the same. The solution also included an online prepaid music card subscription service wherein bands/artists could register with the website for prepaid cards. A card set would be generated and provided to them which in turn the bands/artists could distribute to their fans either offline or online. The fans in turn could use the prepaid cards to download music and other memorabilia of the band/artist through the website. An administrator module was provided that enabled the website administrator to manage the entire website.


Working with Icreon has been a wonderful experience. I would like to commend the team for their efforts- in spite of being unfamiliar with the industry the team showed remarkable understanding of my demands which translated into delivery of a class website. I was impressed with Icreon's attention to detail. Before the development process began the team came up with a very detailed project specification - ensuing that both of us were on the same page. In developing the website the specifications were well adhered to - though the team was open and flexible enough to adapt to changes that we wanted! All in all I would like to thank the team for the unwavering dedication in ensuring that the website was delivered on cost and as per schedule

Asheesh Sharma