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Retail (B2B/B2C)

In the past few years we have seen a phenomenal growth in the online retail sector. This has largely been attributed to the convenience and the ease with which online transactions can be conducted and also the potential of the Internet to provide access to a wide spread consumer base.

The Internet provides businesses with an innovative means to market their products and services to a global customer base. Our B2B and B2C solutions help businesses in harnessing the power of the Internet to discover new channels of selling products and services, strengthen customer relationships and boost efficiencies.

The solutions delivered by us manage and control the entire transaction cycle from the time of preliminary contact with a prospective customer, through to product selection, payment processing, and fulfillment. Our solutions include the works from innovative product presentation and browsing techniques, to shopping cart functionality, account management, order tracking, payment resolution, personalization, to customer relationship management, content management together with inventory and catalog management.

Solutions Developed

Below are a few B2B and B2C solutions that we have delivered:

Online Mail Order Catalogue: We have customized the osCommerce shopping cart application to provide our client with a web based mail order catalogue for lifestyle products. Browse through the case study for more information about retail e-commerce website development.


When we decided to re-vamp the look and feel of our existing corporate website, we didn’t know what to expect as we were outsourcing such work for the first time... The project was perfectly handled and executed right from the first day, it took a little longer to finish the website than planned; however, we could not have asked for a better designed website.
Icreon Drupal Team did a great job!!!"

Pranav Joshi