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Project Management

The project management methodology followed at Open Source Development ensures that the goals and objectives of the solution are fully met. Transparent communication, strong planning and clear understanding of the requirements help in making a project a success.

Project Management is most crucial part of any project with the success or failure or a project largely dependent on it. A successful project manager need not always deliver a successful project which is why it is extremely important to keep in mind certain parameters while assigning a project manager to a project. At Open Source Development a project manager is assigned to a specific project based on the project domain, complexity and relevant experience of the project manager. A project manager acts as a facilitator between the client and the development team and in most cases is the single point of contact for the client. Icreon offers the services of two types of project managers:

  • Onsite/Local: Onsite/Local project managers work with client liaison(s) locally through the project lifecycle.
  • Offshore/Remote: Offshore/Remote project managers  works remotely for a client.

The responsibilities of the project manager include the following:

  • Defining the processes that will be followed in the development and implementation of the project. The process may vary from the standards to provide the maximum time and cost benefit to the client.
  • Laying down the communication channel that is to be used for the duration of the project. The project manager can suggest various modes of communication such as instant messengers, conference calls, web conferences (such as GoToMeeting) etc.
  • Identifying the project team who will be working on the project. Tasks are assigned to the team members and the project managers carry out weekly reviews to track the progress. This ensures that the project timelines and budget are met. At Icreon our project managers make use of the Microsoft Project to plan and track projects.
  • Defining milestones for client demos and deliveries; this is done keeping in mind the client’s requirements and the terms of contract. In consultation with the client, the project manager decides upon the date and mode for the demo.
  • Informing the client of any deviation from the original scope of work. We have in place a change control mechanism which allows a project manager to track deviations and alert the client of any cost and time impact. A change request is sent to client for approval. Once approved, the project manager updates the project plan and other relevant documents.

A project manager heads the project and is responsible for its successful and timely delivery. We have in place an escalation matrix that can be used by clients to escalate any problem or provide feedback to Open Source Development’s top management.


We enagaed with Icreon in the summer of 2009 to build a new aspect for our Saddlery company, the brief was to come up with a suitable adaptable ecommerce solution and also a community site for members. We had unfourtnately engaged a cheap off the shelf solution prior to talking with Icreon. After quickly working out that the off the shelf solution would not work, Our in house designers and Icreon set to work to remake the project. In my opinion I have never been more impressed by a company.

John Colville
Joust John Colville