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Multilingual Site Development

The reach of the Internet has spread to all parts of the globe as a result of which a majority of the Internet users are non-English speaking, who prefer to surf websites in their native languages. In order to reach out and tap into this huge potential customer base, multilingual websites i.e. websites having multiple versions of the content, each version representing a specific language, are required. Such multilingual websites attain greater exposure thereby enabling companies to expand their areas of operations.
Open Source Development offers its services in developing websites in various languages such as French, German, and Dutch etc. We work in close coordination with the client in order to develop high quality multilingual websites.
At Open Source Development, we follow a combination of the approaches and techniques in developing multilingual applications for our clients. Some of them include the following:

  • Multilingual Content Management Systems: One of the best approaches is to use a content management system that provides support for multiple languages. Internationalization modules available with the content management systems facilitate the creation and development of multilingual websites. All components that are required to build multi lingual websites are available that can be customized as per individual requirements. Open Source Development helps clients in deploying and implementing these content management systems in a language of their choice.
  • Style sheets: Another approach that Open Source Development follows in the development of multilingual websites is to create separate style sheets for each language. This is especially useful in the creation of websites that require a change in layout based on the language selected, e.g. in case of Arabic websites the page layout has to read from right to left.

Websites that are multilingual can avail of the following advantages:

  • Multilingual websites are cost effective marketing and promotion tools as it is easy to reach out and target non English speaking audiences through websites developed in their native languages.
  • Multilingual websites are indexed and retrieved, in local search engines, in a better manner thereby leading to higher site traffic.
  • Companies that have multilingual websites can target a larger audience base thus gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Multilingual websites help companies in earning greater revenue.


We enagaed with Icreon in the summer of 2009 to build a new aspect for our Saddlery company, the brief was to come up with a suitable adaptable ecommerce solution and also a community site for members. We had unfourtnately engaged a cheap off the shelf solution prior to talking with Icreon. After quickly working out that the off the shelf solution would not work, Our in house designers and Icreon set to work to remake the project. In my opinion I have never been more impressed by a company.

John Colville
Joust John Colville