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Gaming and Betting
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Rich Internet Application

Our client, an Australian entrepreneur, wanted to launch a gaming website that would bring together game enthusiasts and would provide them with a new interactive skill based game. Each game (a combination of crossword puzzles and general knowledge questions) aims to stimulate players’ mental and research abilities and is available in a multi-player environment wherein players or teams of players can compete against each other to the first to score the maximum points. Players earn points for each crossword clue/question solved. The solution delivered by Icreon allows our client to run and operate an online gaming club with ease. Back-end interfaces have been provided allowing game administrators to schedule games, and track them. Players, in turn, can register to play for any of the scheduled games.

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Thank you Icreon, you have always proofed that what you promised is clearly followed up with a strong team effort to satisfy a customer! That is a strong ingredient that I found Icreon had, compared with many other competitors. I Can Rest Easily On Nights, no nightmares, no hidden agenda/cost, no heart-attacks!

Hamid Ismail
DirectorBRADFORD MARINE SERVICES Pte Ltd , Singapore