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Joomla Website Development

Joomla! is an open source Content Management System that is written using the PHP scripting language and uses MySQL as the database. Joomla! can be used to develop a whole range of web applications ranging from simple websites to complex web applications. Joomla! has a secure, flexible and modular architecture and has easy to use interfaces. Joomla browser based interfaces can be used to easily manage every aspect of the website.

Joomla! can be integrated with other third party applications in order to provide content management functionalities in the applications and Joomla CMS services India. In the same way other third party applications such as phpBB etc can be integrated with Joomla! to provide the specialized functionalities with the basic Joomla! setup.

Open Source Development provides Joomla! based services within the spectrum of PHP/Linux based web applications. We help build comprehensive and robust web enabled solutions by integrating and customizing Joomla! to suit individual client requirements. At Open Source Development, we also offer to integrate Joomla! with third-party applications such as SAP, Sage and SugarCRM, vBulletin, phpBB among others.


Joomla! includes a host of features, some of them are:

  • Joomla! has a database driven site engine. Every element (images, templates etc) is Joomla! is stored in a centralized database.
  • Joomla! is template driven i.e. each module in a website is associated with a separate template.
  • A wide variety of plug-ins are available with Joomla!. Since Joomla! is based on a modular architecture plug-ins can be easily integrated to enhance its basic functionalities.
  • Joomla! has an in-built WYSIWYG text editor that enables easy editing and formatting of content.
  • The content that is displayed on the website can be scheduled as per the requirement of the web editors.
  • Joomla! provides a random news flash generator.
  • The options such as email the page, polls, rate this article, and print page etc are in-built in Joomla! thereby enabling interactivity to be built into the website.
  • Joomla! provides extensive tools to generate and view user statistics reports.
  • The performance of the Joomla! website can be improved by the means of page caching, which is provided in Joomla!.
  • Joomla! provides support for multiple languages.
  • News feeds from various websites can be gathered using the News Feed Manager available in Joomla!.
  • All content items in Joomla! can be archived using the Archive Manager. The content items can be archived for future reference.
  • Joomla! generates search engine friendly URLs.
  • Joomla! provides a page caching mechanism that helps in improving the performance of the website.

Joomla Solutions

Open Source Development has developed varied solutions keeping Joomla! as the base and integrating with it components and plug-ins in order to develop complex solutions to meet the clients’ requirements. Some of the outsourcing Joomla development solutions developed are:

Community Portals

Open Source Development has made extensive use of Joomla!’s Community builder extension suite to develop community websites for clients. The solutions provided enable the client’s administrators to maintain and manage their online user communities. The solutions developed by us provide the administrators with the flexibility to capture customized user information during registration. Front-end users are provided the option to create profiles, upload them to the website and browse through other user profiles.

Online Shopping Applications

We have developed various online storefront for various clients using VirtueMart as one of the more popular shopping cart components available with Joomla!. The shopping cart solutions developed by us provide the clients with robust applications that enable them to easily operate their storefront. The solution administrators can maintain and manage detailed product catalogs; and track and process online orders. The Joomla solutions provided by us also include search options for customers to browse through products and book orders online.

Online Image Galleries

Various online image galleries have been developed by us using the Image Gallery component of Joomla! The Joomla solution enables users to upload and add images to galleries across categories. The front-end users i.e. Surfers are provided with the option to browse through the galleries, post their comments on the images and rate images within a gallery.

Site Maps

The indexing component of Joomla! has been used to develop and integrate extensive site maps, content indexes and visual maps. The solution developed enables our clients to showcase visual maps on their website. Administrators can define categories, on the basis of which users can navigate, zoom to specific areas within the map.

Corporate Websites

Open Source Development has developed a whole range of websites for various corporate clients. The solutions developed by us have provided the clients with an online platform to share information about their services and products. The dynamic Joomla! based websites provide clients with an automated system to publish and manage content appearing on the website.


Online Magazines

Using Joomla! as a base we have developed online editions for various magazines.? The solutions enable the publishers to easily upload and showcase the articles that are available in their offline editions. Several components such as the Subscription Manager were integrated enabling website users to send in their subscriptions for the offline edition of the magazine. Our solutions provided publishers with an easy and effective mechanism to increase the reach of their magazines thereby leading to an increased subscriber base.

Micro-site Management

We used Joomla! to develop a micro-site management solution for our client. The Joomla solution enabled the client to offer its customers (various business companies) the option to register with them and create their individual micro-sites to advertise their services. Buyers can search and browse through the micro-sites and send in their queries.


"We are having around 6 year’s relationship with Icreon Communications. Two main site of our organization ( and ) is developed by Icreon. Most important part in working with Icreon is that, they are very skilled professionals and very co-operative.

The staff whoever assigned to our work were always willing to accept the changes and suggestions from the Clients side during the work period, which help us to build good relationships with them and a professional website also."

Graceson Mathew
System Administrator Centre for Education and Communication (CEC)