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Gaming and Betting
Application type (Services): 
Bespoke Development

Our client wanted to reach out to the huge online gaming community and offer them a strategy game based on the concept of the popular 'tic-tac-toe'. The game play involves two players taking turns to counter each others’ moves in order to be the first to score hundred points. The application also forms online gaming clubs which can be monitored by administrators.

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"We are having around 6 year’s relationship with Icreon Communications. Two main site of our organization ( and ) is developed by Icreon. Most important part in working with Icreon is that, they are very skilled professionals and very co-operative.

The staff whoever assigned to our work were always willing to accept the changes and suggestions from the Clients side during the work period, which help us to build good relationships with them and a professional website also."

Graceson Mathew
System Administrator Centre for Education and Communication (CEC)