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Internet Solutions

Some of the Internet Solutions developed by us include the following:

Blogging Solution

Our client, an Israel based IT company, wanted a solution that would enable them to provide users with an online platform to create their individual blogs and sell their blog content as well as other content in the form of PDF/doc files to interested buyers. After a detailed study of the client’s requirements Open Source Development came up with a comprehensive web based blogging solution. The solution provides users with tools to easily write and publish their online blogs. Users were also provided with the option to convert their blogs into articles/files, set a price for the same and sell them to other users through the blog store. An administrator module was developed enabling the solution administrators to perform tasks (such as banner management, subscription management, store management, user management etc.) to maintain and manage the entire application.

Real Estate Classifieds

Our client, an India based real estate agent, wanted an online solution wherein users could search for property deals within India and other related information. Based on the requirements Open Source Development developed the real estate portal – an easy to use yet feature rich application that provides property seekers with the opportunity to browse through details of listed properties and book the same online. Property seekers were also provided with extensive tools and features such as options to download legal documents, post queries, EMI and stamp duty conversion tools etc thereby enabling the solution to be a one-stop-point that fulfills all their property related requirements. Solution administrators can easily manage and update the website via the back-end interfaces provided.

Online Style Guide

Our client, a UK based company, wanted to provide designers with an online platform to showcase their collections thereby enabling them to reach out to a larger audience base. They also required an advertisement management module that would enable them to control the display of advertisements on the website. Based on their requirements Open Source Development developed the style guide website – a comprehensive resource on style. The solution enabled the client to track website users thereby enabling them to generate extensive and detailed market research reports.

Google Maps Integration

Our client, an Italy based travel agency, wanted to integrate a hotel location map system with their existing website. The aim was to enable users to easily locate various hotels thereby enhancing the users’ browsing experience. As per their requirements Open Source Development implemented the Google Maps API with their existing website thereby enabling travellers to locate hotels (registered with the client's network) on Google Maps and obtain directions to the same. The client has tied up with Open Source Development for all their technology requirements, the first phase of which was the integration of Google Maps with their website.

Call Logging Application

Our client wanted a solution that would enable them to provide their customers with an online platform to register and track their problems/queries through a centralized system. The solution was required to enable the client to effectively manage all their customers from a central location. Based on their requirements Open Source Development developed an online ticketing and call logging application wherein their customers could login and enter details regarding their queries and problems. The solution provided the administrators with the provision to easily track and manage the calls logged in by the customers. An extensive reporting module was integrated with the application thereby enabling the client to effectively monitor the performance of their staff.

Online Bingo Club

Our client, a UK based Bingo club operator, wanted to reach out to the ever increasing online gaming community thereby providing them with an opportunity to expand their member base. Our client wanted an online solution wherein users could play bingo and win case prizes online from the convenience of their homes. As per their requirements, Open Source Development developed a solution that enabled administrators to create and manage online bingo gaming rooms. The administrators were provided with the option to schedule games and players had the option to register with the club, make deposits and play the different versions of Bingo in a gaming room of their choice.


We enagaed with Icreon in the summer of 2009 to build a new aspect for our Saddlery company, the brief was to come up with a suitable adaptable ecommerce solution and also a community site for members. We had unfourtnately engaged a cheap off the shelf solution prior to talking with Icreon. After quickly working out that the off the shelf solution would not work, Our in house designers and Icreon set to work to remake the project. In my opinion I have never been more impressed by a company.

John Colville
Joust John Colville