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Gaming and Betting

The online gaming community is huge and ever increasing. High-speed Internet connections and technologies that support high resolution graphics are some of the reasons that have led to the rise in popularity of online games. With our gaming solutions we help clients to cash into this demand and reach out to the huge community of gamers.

We have the experience and the expertise to develop a variety of innovative and interactive web based games. We make use of technologies such as Flash and Flex to develop the front-end gaming interfaces that are slick and visually appealing. The front-end interfaces are supported by an administration control that allow the gaming administrators to control and monitor the game environment. From setting up games to defining the game play schedule, tracking player histories and activities, banning players etc administrators can perform a variety of tasks. Payment gateway integration is another feature that we offer in our gaming solutions. This enables clients to offer a subscription based gaming experience.

Solutions Developed

We have developed numerous gaming applications, mentioned below are a few solutions that we have developed over the years:

Online Bingo: For a client in the UK, we developed an online Bingo club using Flash and PHP. The Bingo application enables administrators to create and manage bingo gaming rooms, and players to register with the club, make deposits and play the different versions of Bingo in a gaming room of their choice. The front end gaming module has been completely developed in Flash. A Flash Media Server has been used in developing this application. View the project case study

Other games developed include:


We enagaed with Icreon in the summer of 2009 to build a new aspect for our Saddlery company, the brief was to come up with a suitable adaptable ecommerce solution and also a community site for members. We had unfourtnately engaged a cheap off the shelf solution prior to talking with Icreon. After quickly working out that the off the shelf solution would not work, Our in house designers and Icreon set to work to remake the project. In my opinion I have never been more impressed by a company.

John Colville
Joust John Colville