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Game Development

Open Source Development specializes in developing flash based online games that are based on a PHP platform. We posses the skill-set and expertise to develop a whole range of games from skill based games to word games, to arcade games among others. Our gaming solutions can be used as stand alone gaming applications or can be integrated to form a part of a website.

The dynamic and interactive  PHP based flash games developed by us enable clients to attract greater traffic to their site.

At Open Source Development we develop online games using Flash and PHP. The gaming interface is developed using Flash. A Flash client is used to render the game. XMLSocket Object is used to send and receive data from the Flash server. The flash server, in turn, uses a secure HTTPS connection to send and receive data from the PHP layer. All player, game and transaction related data are stored in the database.

Some of the features that are included in our online gaming solutions include the following:

  • Administrator Control Panel: Our online game solutions provide game administrator with web based interfaces to setup and configure games, scoring etc as per their preferences.
  • Flash based front-end: We use flash to develop the gaming interface thereby enabling the usage and creation of high quality graphics and animations.
  • Database Driven: Our gaming solutions are database driven enabling the creation of dynamic games. All player information, game information etc can be stored and retrieved from the database.
  • Multiplayer: We can develop games that enable multiple players to participate in a game.
  • Online Contests: In order to attract a larger number of users, our solutions enable game administrators to setup game contests. Winners can be awarded prize money set.
  • Revenue Model: Revenue models can be incorporated into the games enabling clients to earn revenue. Users can pay to register with the websites and play games.
  • Chat Modules: A chat module can be incorporated with the solution enabling player to interact and communicate with each other while playing games.
  • Content Management System: A content management system can be built into the solution enabling game administrators to easily upload information about the gaming rules, terms and conditions, FAQs etc
  • Advertising Options: Our solutions include banner management modules that enable clients to control the appearance of banners on various page of the website. The clients can create advertisement campaigns and earn revenue from the same.
  • Reporting Module: To enable clients to monitor and track the performance of the games, we provide detailed reporting modules. Clients can generate game statistics reports such as revenue earned, player details etc.

We develop a wide variety of online games. Some of the gaming solutions developed by us include the following:

Online Bingo Club

Our client, a UK based Bingo club operator, wanted to reach out to the ever increasing online gaming community thereby providing them with an opportunity to expand their member base. Our client wanted an online games development solution wherein users could play bingo and win case prizes online from the convenience of their homes. As per their requirements, Open Source Development developed a solution that enabled administrators to create and manage online bingo gaming rooms. The administrators were provided with the option to schedule games and players had the option to register with the club, make deposits and play the different versions of Bingo in a gaming room of their choice.


Outsourcing web development efforts can yield drastically different results depending on who you partner with. In the end, success depends on so many factors far beyond code development itself - strong project management skills, the ability to balance a strategic vision and end user needs with technical realities, discipline in execution, steady productivity, honesty, and a positive attitude in dealing with unexpected challenges and changes to name a few. I've found that those who can consistently deliver on these key attributes are rare.
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