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Eventum is an open source issue tracking software that is written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database. It has been developed by MySQL AB and is available under the GNU General Public License. The Eventum software enables organizations to track and monitor queries/ problems etc in a more systematic and organized manner. The responses or resolutions to the issues can also be stored within the software thereby enabling the creation of knowledge pool. Eventum includes all features necessary in any issue tracking software from creating projects, assigning users to projects to creating and categorizing issues, to tracking the time spent on each issue and storing all issue resolution information within the system.
Easy to use and customizable browser based interfaces make Eventum an ideal solution for all. Open Source Development helps clients implement and deploy the Eventum software package in their organizations. Being an open source product, it is easy to customize and develop new modules that can be integrated with the basic application thereby providing enhanced functionalities. In case the basic software does not meet the requirements, we offer to customize the solution as per the business requirements of individual organizations.
Some of the features of Eventum include the following:

  • User Management: The user management features enable the creation of users within the application. Various permission levels can be assigned to each user. Based on the permissions assigned users will be able to access the sections within the application. Users can be assigned to specific projects.
  • Multiple Projects: Multiple projects can be defined in the Eventum software. For each project different issues categories, priorities and statuses can be set.
  • Issue Creation: Issues can be raised for a specific project and assigned to users. Users can login to the application and view a list of issues assigned to them. On the resolution of the issues, the status of the issue can be updated from among the set project issue statuses.
  • Custom Search Options: The Eventum software includes a custom search feature wherein users can save commonly used search/querying criteria. These saved search criteria can be executed to retrieve the results.
  • E-mail Integration: Users have the option to integrate external e-mail accounts with the issues within the application.
  • E-mail alerts: The E-mail alert functionality enables users to set notification alerts in case or any changes in the issue statuses.
  • Integration with Source Code Management Software: In case Eventum is being use for tracking software development issues/bugs, the SCM used by the organization can be integrated with Eventum. This enables Eventum to track details of all files that are associated with specific issues. Similarly all revisions to project files can be tracked.
  • Time Tracking: The time tracking feature enables the users to track the time spent on resolving the issues.

The advantages that Eventum has to offer, over and above other issue tracking software include the following:

  • Cost Effective: Being an open source product, deploying Eventum is a cheaper and more cost effective option.
  • Customizable: Eventum can be easily customized to as per the individual requirements.
  • Easy of Use: Eventum has simple browser based interfaces
  • Improved Response Times: Eventum provides for effective issue tracking and monitoring thereby enabling organizations to improve the response time of the issues.


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