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Development Methodologies

Any software development project requires efficient utilization of resources while minimizing risks. To achieve this, it is essential to not only choose appropriate technologies, but also the methodology adopted to develop the software so that it can meet the changing market requirements. Choosing the right development methodology ensures a smooth development and implementation process of the solution.

Multiple development methodologies have been laid down; however no single approach fits all development projects. The decision on which methodology is to be used is largely based on the nature, complexity and duration of the project. At Open Source Development, we are competent in various development methodologies including waterfall, agile, and spiral.

  • Agile Development is a software development model that includes a variety of development methodologies that can be followed to create adaptable software i.e. software that can easily meet changing customer requirements.
  • The spiral model consists of progressive iterations to achieve the end goal. It has evolved from the more structured Waterfall model.
  • Scrum Development lays emphasis on self organizing, cross-functional teams that work collaboratively with the client (or product owner) in delivering a solution. Scrum application is built in and then delivered to the product owner in multiple short 2-4 week sprints.


Outsourcing web development efforts can yield drastically different results depending on who you partner with. In the end, success depends on so many factors far beyond code development itself - strong project management skills, the ability to balance a strategic vision and end user needs with technical realities, discipline in execution, steady productivity, honesty, and a positive attitude in dealing with unexpected challenges and changes to name a few. I've found that those who can consistently deliver on these key attributes are rare.
Ted Bream
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