Open Source

Delivery Engagement Model

With the rapid emergence of Outsourcing IT projects and solutions in the global market that countenances soaring competition, it becomes obligatory for every organization to meet the client’s requirement at the most cost effective rate. IT staffing company open source development is a leading provider of staff augmentation solutions. IT staffing consultant provides technical staffing solutions, strategic IT staffing, IT consultancy services and IT staffing solutions.

Open Source Department implements the solution without compromising quality standards through three engagement models – Fixed duration and cost, T&M and FTE. It becomes crucial for the client to opt for an engagement model that best suits their requirement and is the perfect blend of expenses and returns.


Fixed duration and cost

The model is usually opted when the projects are time bound with fixed budgets.

Best suited for:
  • Business to customer (B2C) projects.
  • Projects where requirements are well quoted in advance and are not likely to change during development process.
  • Small to mid-sized projects that are extremely tight budgeted and have time constraints.


Time and materials (T&M)

These are projects that are contracted and owed on the basis of hours spent and resources deployed for implementing each task involved. The model provides flexibility to the client in terms of developing the specifications time to time as per the market needs. To ensure authenticity and cross verification, reports detailing the number of hours spent for each task within a project are sent to clients.

Best suited for:
  • Projects those are prone to specification and design changes midstream.
  • Where anticipated duration of projects cannot be estimated.
  • Clients that want to spend defined number of hours with us, need not be incessant.
  • Clients whose requirements are cyclic and want to retain us as their preferred solution partner.
  • Clients hunting for right solution rather than on time.



It is a kind of virtual staffing or staff augmentation where in the personnel hired by us as per the client requirement are solely dedicated to their project. Open source Department meets the interim resource requirement and acquire highly qualified and specialized personnel at optimum cost. Personnel taken into service can be project manager, software developer, tester, analysts or consultants. Resources deployed at client’s site are referred as onsite FTE and FTE resources working from our development center are referred as offshore FTE.


Offshore FTE best suited for:

  • Clients requiring to extend their staff at our development center and making the best use of our billing rates.
  • Clients who want to avoid the hassle of hiring or recruiting short term personnel.
  • Clients require the intellectual copyright of the work done by the FTE resource.
  • Clients who want FTE’s to work and report according to their methodologies.
  • Projects where continuous changes and enhancements are anticipated as per the market trend.
  • The development that requires our personnel to have expertise in a domain.
  • The clients IT personnel are likely to work in conjunction with our FTE resources.


Onsite FTE best suited for

  • The projects where FTE resources are required to consult local personnel for gathering required information in the shortest time frame.
  • The nature of the project does not allow secure data to leave the premises.
  • The client who feels that some sort of training needs to be imparted to FTE resources regarding their system and processes for successful implementation of the software solution.
  • The project wherein the interaction of more IT personnel is required to work in conjunction with less FTE resources.

Open Source Department offers the services of the following resources:

  • PHP developer
  • My SQL developer
  • ROR developer
  • Perl developer
  • Sugar CRM
  • Drupal/Joomla

Please Note:
Above mention points are just for reference that will help you in opting for specific engagement model and by no means are absolute in context or origin.


"We are having around 6 year’s relationship with Icreon Communications. Two main site of our organization ( and ) is developed by Icreon. Most important part in working with Icreon is that, they are very skilled professionals and very co-operative.

The staff whoever assigned to our work were always willing to accept the changes and suggestions from the Clients side during the work period, which help us to build good relationships with them and a professional website also."

Graceson Mathew
System Administrator Centre for Education and Communication (CEC)