Open Source

Customized CMS Solution

Open Source Development designs and develops content management solutions for a wide variety of clients. The content management solutions developed by us provide clients with an easy mechanism to publish and organize content appearing on their websites.
The CMS solutions can be used as stand alone applications or can be integrated with other solutions such as shopping carts and discussion boards etc to enable easy upload and editing of content.
Our solutions provide clients with a perfect platform to share and communicate ideas and information.
The features of a typical Content Management System are as follows:

  • Separation of content and presentation: In our content management solutions all content is stored in the database. All layout templates are also stored in the database. At the time of publishing the web page, the content is merged with the associated layout.
  • Centralized Repository: All content is stored in a centralized repository thereby making it easier for content to be shared and accessed by content editors spread across different locations.
  • Administrator Module: Our solutions include easy to use browser based administrator interfaces that can be used to manage the entire website.
  • User Management: Multiple back-end users can be granted access to the administrator module. To maintain security role based access is provided. The users will have access to those modules (within the administrator console) to which they have permissions.
  • Text Editors: We integrate a variety of WYSIWYG text editors with our solutions. The text editors make it easy for content editors to format the content. Formatting tools and HTML tools are provided with the editors. The HTML tools enable the content editors to insert HTML tags in the content.
  • Content Organization: Content can be classified according to various categories and sub categories. The solutions provide the administrators with the option to create unlimited number of categories.
  • Workflow: The workflow of our content management solutions enable clients to easily track and monitor content being edited by various content editors.
  • Plug-ins: Various third party tools such as discussion forums etc can be integrated with the solutions thereby providing additional functionalities.
  • Reports: Our content management solutions include detailed reporting modules that enable administrators to monitor the performance of the website, view user and event logs etc.
  • Image Management: Image management functionalities are built into the solutions to allow users to easily upload images and attach the same to relevant content items. The options for creating image galleries from the uploaded images can also be provided.
  • Interactive features: We also include a host of interactive tools and features with our solutions such as newsletter subscriptions, options to rate and post reviews on content items, opinion polls, printer friendly versions of the content items etc.

The benefits that Open Source Development’s content management solutions offer include the following:

  • Our content management solutions make is easier for clients to maintain their websites. Integrated text editors make it easy for content editors, having little or no technical knowledge, to publish, organize and format content.
  • Content Management systems developed using open source languages such as PHP are a more cost effective alternative as compared to other commercial content management systems.
  • We have built easy to use tools that facilitate the upload of content resulting in faster turnaround time for content updates.
  • Content management systems enable easy reuse of content as all content is store in a centralized database. This also makes it easier to archive content.


Working with Icreon has been a wonderful experience. I would like to commend the team for their efforts- in spite of being unfamiliar with the industry the team showed remarkable understanding of my demands which translated into delivery of a class website. I was impressed with Icreon's attention to detail. Before the development process began the team came up with a very detailed project specification - ensuing that both of us were on the same page. In developing the website the specifications were well adhered to - though the team was open and flexible enough to adapt to changes that we wanted! All in all I would like to thank the team for the unwavering dedication in ensuring that the website was delivered on cost and as per schedule

Asheesh Sharma