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CMS Solutions India

Some of the Content Management Systems customized and developed by us include the following:


Content Management Systems to power Corporate Websites

We have customized off-the-shelf content management systems such as Joomla! to power a whole range of corporate websites. The CMS solutions developed by us provides our clients with a platform to share information about their services and products. Using our solutions clients could publish and manage content appearing on the website.

Online Magazines

The Joomla! CMS was customized to power the online edition of a magazine. Editors were provided with a means to upload and showcase the articles that are available in their offline editions. Our solution provided our client with a cost effective means to increase the reach of their magazine. Various value added and interactive features such as content, opinion poll, online subscriptions etc were integrated with the solution to attract surfers.

Content Management Systems integrated with other applications At Open Source Development, we have built content management capabilities into a wide range of web based applications such as online storefronts, discussion forums etc. Clients can themselves upload content appearing on the websites.


When we decided to re-vamp the look and feel of our existing corporate website, we didn’t know what to expect as we were outsourcing such work for the first time... The project was perfectly handled and executed right from the first day, it took a little longer to finish the website than planned; however, we could not have asked for a better designed website.
Icreon Drupal Team did a great job!!!"

Pranav Joshi