Open Source

Case Study

Online Affiliate Marketing Gateway
Real Estate
Mysql, PHP, Real Estate

Our client wanted to create an online gateway that would help them to streamline their affiliate marketing services and also provide a platform for affiliates and merchants to directly interact with each other. They required administrative capabilities to manage the affiliate gateway.

Ticketing System
Retail (B2B or B2C)
Mysql, PHP, Retail (B2B/B2C)

AF IT & Consulting Services Ltd. an Ireland based consultancy service provider required a web based application which would enable it to manage all its clients from a central location. They wanted to provide their clients with an online platform to log and view status of calls.

Web Based Audit Engine
Internet Application, Mysql, PHP

Our client, an audit firm based in the US, required a software solution that would help them to manage their audit delivery process in a more streamlined manner. The solution was also required to enable them to build and manage a knowledge repository of all previous audits.

Gaming and Betting
Gaming and Betting, Mysql, PHP

Our client operates Bingo clubs throughout the United Kingdom. They wanted to increase their member base by offering the opportunity to play and win Bingo cash prizes online, to the ever increasing online gaming community.

Social Community
Mysql, PHP, Social Community

Blum Interative Media, Ltd., required a web based application that could customize blogs & podcasts and interactive strategies for leading companies around the world. Icreon assessed all their requisites and came up with a comprehensive product –

Bombay Duck
Retail (B2B or B2C)
Joomla, Mysql, PHP, Retail (B2B/B2C), VirtuMart

Our client, a UK Based home accessories company, had an existing online storefront which they wanted to upgrade in order to take advantage of a more cost effective solution and yet be able to provide improved services and functionalities to their customers. Additionally, they required that the storefront application be synchronized with their back-office application – SAGE MMS. Based on their requirements, Icreon delivered to them a revamped storefront, built by integrating and customizing the Joomla! and VirtueMart open source packages.

Corporate, Drupal, Mysql, PHP

UNDP, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IHE Delft and UNOPS launched the Global Water Partnership program to promote information exchange and human resource development for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).

Retail (B2B or B2C)
E-Commerce, Mysql, PHP, Retail (B2B/B2C)

With the Indian retail industry in overdrive, Elvy Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., perceived India as the largest international shopping destination in the world.

Groupware Manager
Entertainment, Mysql, PHP

Our Client planned to develop a groupware of Web enabled applications for information and knowledge sharing between workgroups. Its intended targets were medium & large sized organizations. Our Client required a comprehensive enterprise computing solution, providing multiplatform, multi-protocol support.

Real Estate
Joomla, Mysql, PHP, Real Estate

Homes Alone, a Real Estate Agent, wished to launch a communication portal that could present property information to buyers. They wanted to provide an opportunity to property seekers enabling them to view potential home details on the website and on their handsets.


When we decided to re-vamp the look and feel of our existing corporate website, we didn’t know what to expect as we were outsourcing such work for the first time... The project was perfectly handled and executed right from the first day, it took a little longer to finish the website than planned; however, we could not have asked for a better designed website.
Icreon Drupal Team did a great job!!!"

Pranav Joshi