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Social Networking

Our client, a leading radio station in India, wanted to revamp their existing website so as to provide new and more interactive features to users. The new website was to serve as an online social network + radio station. Since a large portion of the requirements were such that could be met by customizing an open source package, we made use of Dolphin, a social networking software to develop the solution. The website provides the client with a effective means to promote their radio station and increase their listener base.

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Outsourcing web development efforts can yield drastically different results depending on who you partner with. In the end, success depends on so many factors far beyond code development itself - strong project management skills, the ability to balance a strategic vision and end user needs with technical realities, discipline in execution, steady productivity, honesty, and a positive attitude in dealing with unexpected challenges and changes to name a few. I've found that those who can consistently deliver on these key attributes are rare.
Ted Bream
CEOCore Agenda Inc.