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B2C Ecommerce Solutions

Open Source Development specializes in developing a variety of B2C solutions, supply chain b2c websites ranging from transaction based e-commerce applications to modular application based development. Our B2C solutions provide organizations with a perfect platform to introduce their products and services to a prospective global community of consumers.

Providing the potential to reach out to a large audience base spread across geographical locations, the Internet has proved to be a powerful marketing tool for organizations wishing to retail their products and services online. Convenience, ease of use, larger variety and cheaper prices are some of the reasons why customers are turning to the internet to shop.


The following are the advantages that our B2C solutions offer:

  • Companies can reach out to a larger customer base and increase their areas of operation.
  • They can offer a greater variety of services and products online
  • B2C solutions are an effective marketing and promotion tool for companies.
  • The solutions provide companies with a means to be available to their customer round the clock.
  • Potential customers can browse a greater range of online catalogues without having to leave their homes or offices.

Solution Areas

Open Source Development, is one among developing supply chain b2c companies that designs and develops a wide variety of B2C solutions. Some of them include the following:

Online storefronts

Open Source Development provides retailers with a means to offer their products and services on sale to the online community of users. Customers can browse through a huge array of product catalogues and purchase products online. Orders can be tracked by the customers through the storefront using open source storefront development solutions.

Online auction websites

Auction websites provides buyers and sellers with a platform to interact with each other. Sellers can register with the website and offer their products and services for sale. Buyers, in turn, can browse through the details of the products on display and place a bid on any desired product. The buyers can view and monitor the bids placed by buyers and at the end of the specified time period product will be sold to the highest bidder.

Online Travel Services

Our solutions provide travel companies, agents etc with a platform to market their services online. Based on the services offered, travelers can access the website and make all their travel arrangements online from the convenience of their homes. Services such as hotel reservations, booking of airline and train tickets, booking of tour packages etc can be offered on the website.

Real Estate Solutions

Through our solutions real estate agents, brokers etc can offer their services online. Details of properties available on sale and rent can be showcased through the website. Property seekers can access the website and browse through the details of the various properties and book them online.

Interactive Components

A wide variety of interactive tools can be incorporated into the solutions. Some of them include the following:

  • Content Management Systems: A content management system can be integrated with the solution enabling users to easily publish content appearing on the website.
  • Newsletter Subscription: As a value added service, a newsletter subscription module can be incorporated with the solutions enabling customers to get all the latest product/service information online.
  • Write a Review: To build interactivity into the solutions customers can be prompted to write their comments and rate various products/services. The reviews and ratings can be viewed by other customers.
  • Tell a friend: To increase exposure to the website, users can be provided the option to send the details of the website to friends and invite them to access the website.
  • Discussion Forums: Discussion forums can be integrated into the solution enabling the creation of online user communities. Users can interact with each other and share their view and opinions on various topics.
  • Personalized Services: In order to offer personalized services to customers, the websites can be developed in a manner so as to track and capture customer actions within the website. A customer who has logged into the website can be offered products/services similar to their purchase history or services/properties/holiday packages available in their regions.
  • Market research Reports: Customer details (i.e. registration and order details) can be captured and used to generate market research and trend analysis reports.


Some of the solutions developed by Open Source Development include the following:

Real Estate Portal

Our client, a UK based IT company, required a solution, for their customer, that would streamline the process of selling and leasing property in UK. The solution was required to store and manage all property related information in a centralized database. As per their requirements, Open Source Development developed the estate portal as a one-stop-shop for all property related information in the UK. Property seekers could browse through the details of the various properties and book the same online. The B2C web portal development solution administrators could manage the entire website through back-end interfaces developed.

Storefront for gift items

Our client, a UK based company, wanted an upgrade to their existing online storefront with the aim of providing additional features and functionalities to their customers. They also required that their online storefront be synchronized with their offline CRM application. After a detailed analysis of their requirements Open Source Development delivered to them a revamped storefront that was built using the Joomla! and VirtueMart open source packages. The open source packages were customized as per the requirements of the client. In order to transfer information between the storefront and the CRM application, XML feeds were used. New/updated feeds were identified via a synchronization process that checked for feeds at specified time intervals.

Prepaid Music Cards Subscription

Our client wanted a solution that would enable them to create and foster an online community of music lovers. Bands/ Artists were required to be provided with the option create their own webpage that would enable them to share information and offer their music and other memorabilia on sale. After a detailed study of their requirements Open Source Development came up with an online music service solution wherein bands/artists could register with the website, create their individual web pages and upload information on the same. The solution also included an online prepaid music card subscription service wherein bands/artists could register with the website for prepaid cards. A card set would be generated and provided to them which in turn the bands/artists could distribute to their fans either offline or online. The fans in turn could use the prepaid cards to download music and other memorabilia of the band/artist through the website. An administrator module was provided that enabled the website administrator to manage the entire website.

Mail Order Catalogue

Our client, an exporter of premium handicrafts, required a solution that would enable them to offer Indian shoppers with the opportunity to shop and order items online. For this purpose they teamed up with Open Source Development. After a detailed study of their requirements we came up with an online mail order catalogue. The solution contained online catalogues of the various products offered by the client, which could be managed at the back-end via the administrator module. Through the mail website shoppers could browse through the details of the products and place orders for the same online.


Working with Icreon has been a wonderful experience. I would like to commend the team for their efforts- in spite of being unfamiliar with the industry the team showed remarkable understanding of my demands which translated into delivery of a class website. I was impressed with Icreon's attention to detail. Before the development process began the team came up with a very detailed project specification - ensuing that both of us were on the same page. In developing the website the specifications were well adhered to - though the team was open and flexible enough to adapt to changes that we wanted! All in all I would like to thank the team for the unwavering dedication in ensuring that the website was delivered on cost and as per schedule

Asheesh Sharma