Open Source

Advertising and Classifieds

Online classifieds and advertising is gaining popularity over traditional means of advertising such as newspapers. This is largely due to the convenience of posting and tracking the advertisements and also access to a wider audience. Our advertising and classified solutions provide clients with a cost effective and efficient means to run and manage an online classifieds service.

Advertising and Classifieds Industry Solutions Developed

We have developed online classifieds and advertising solutions for a whole range of clients. Following are some examples that demonstrate are capabilities in developing online classified solutions on the open source platform:

Directory Listing Website

We developed a directory listing website (using Joomla!) for our client - an India based business magazine publisher. The website contains a listing for all companies that offer telecom, networking and broadband services within India. Companies can register with the website to create their individual profiles.

Below are a few project case studies pertaining to online classified solutions developed by us:


I have been working with Icreon for two years.

They are a strong team with a wide range of skills. They have interpreted and manifested a very difficult project for me and I am very pleased with their work.

I continue to use Icreon, and will do so in the future.

Brooke Watson
DirectorKajeng Pty Ltd