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Our client had an existing employment solutions portal that they wished to revamp so as to provide better and improved services and to attract a larger number of candidates and employers. For this purpose they teamed with Icreon. We redesigned and enhanced the existing website and delivered to SeeMeCV a revamped website. We have made several modifications and built enhancements to improve the performance of the website and provide for new features. We have integrated a discussion forum with the website, wherein registered employers and candidates can post their ideas and opinions on various topics. The revamped website has enabled the client to provide improved services thereby improving their member base.

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I have been working with Icreon for two years.

They are a strong team with a wide range of skills. They have interpreted and manifested a very difficult project for me and I am very pleased with their work.

I continue to use Icreon, and will do so in the future.

Brooke Watson
DirectorKajeng Pty Ltd