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Bespoke Development

Advanced Telecom Solutions (ATS), a US based mobile solutions provider, wanted a web based mobile marketing solution wherein advertisers could create and carry out a variety of customized text messaging campaigns targeted at mobile subscribers and track the results. The solution was 3 also required to provide advertisers with the option to setup and offer marketing services, to other advertisers, without incurring the heavy cost associated with setting up a new business. Based on these requirements Icreon built the solution on the SaaS model. The solution included separate modules each for advertisers (to manage their advertising campaigns), license holders (to perform administration and maintenance tasks for their individual websites) and super administrators (to manage license holders). The solution provides ATS with the means to operate and run their marketing services with ease.

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I have been working with Icreon for two years.

They are a strong team with a wide range of skills. They have interpreted and manifested a very difficult project for me and I am very pleased with their work.

I continue to use Icreon, and will do so in the future.

Brooke Watson
DirectorKajeng Pty Ltd